Foreclosure Protection and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy


bankruptcy foreclosure protection Albany NYWe are living in very hard times and if you find yourself facing a possible foreclosure due to delinquency on your mortgage or tax payments a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is a very viable option. A chapter 13 Bankruptcy is another option under the United States Bankruptcy Code. It is specifically a Reorganization which will stop a foreclosure and reinstate your mortgage. It will help you get back on track by allowing you 60 months to repay mortgage arrears and tax deficiencies.

Over the 60 months the Court provides protection against creditors. The harassment will stop and your fear and anxiety will diminish. Please do not wait to seek the advice of a  Bankruptcy attorney. The longer you wait the closer you get to an auction date the more of an emergency your situation will become. When it comes to foreclosure time is of the essence. Every week that goes by your bank will charge more interest and fees and taxes will also continue to accrue.

bankruptcy foreclosure protection AlbanyIf you do not wish to save your home Chapter 7 Bankruptcy  is a good option. You can surrender your house and be immune from liability on the mortgage and taxes.
If you do nothing to protect yourself against the foreclosure the bank, city and/or county can and will come after you for the deficiency on the mortgage. Don’t delay on seeking the advice of  an Albany New York Bankruptcy attorney.

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