Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Michael P. Mansion and Jodi L. Mansion, Albany Bankruptcy Lawyers

Jodi L. Mansion and Michael P. Mansion have never had a client run the risk of losing property. It is vitally important that an individual wishing to declare bankruptcy retain a competent and experienced bankruptcy attorney, so that if there is real or personal property, it is not put into jeopardy of being liquidated by the bankruptcy court. Jodi L. Mansion and Michael P. Mansion are practicing consumer bankruptcy lawyers in Albany for over 30 years combined, and Mansion Law has never had a debtor lose a home or vehicle to the bankruptcy court that has not been voluntary.

What does a Chapter 7 bankruptcy do for me?bankruptcy lawyer Albany

  • Stops the annoying and harassing phone calls
  • Stops wage garnishments and unfreezes bank accounts
  • A No Asset Case grants a full discharge of all credit card debt, medical bills and other
    unsecured debts
  • Allows a debtor to surrender a no longer affordable car and avoid collections
  • Allows a debtor to surrender a realty property to the bank and avoid having to back pay
  • Gives the debtor a fresh start in life

Mansion Law Firm is a debt relief agency, and helps people file for relief under the bankruptcy code.

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