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Swag Murder Trial: Some Things Change, Some Remain the Same…Guess Which is the Truth

Written by New York Citizen One

Tuesday, July 31, 2012 19:46
This the Swag Murder Trial kicked off without me…I was on Lamont Time and Judge Lamont was on Judge Teresi time! I came around the corner to find Ms. Hartzog, Mr. Thornton’s girlfriend, sitting on a bench outside the courtroom…that usually means she’s the next witness. I looked out the window as a funeral for one of our recently departed court officers was underway, she looked at me saying, “you’re late, Mona Lisa’s on the stand.” Darn!


Mr. Mansion takes the floor at 4:01 and asks Mr. Uzzell about 24 counterfeit dollar bills in the amount of $740 found at his house. “Was that part of your plea deal Mr. Uzzell? Will that charge be dropped for your ‘cooperation?’” Uzzell is unaware….but that two year old counterfeiting case has not been on any calendar that Mansion has seen. (Me either!!)  Oh, what about that 9mm semi-automatic the police found…and the five boxes of ammunition…was that part of the deal? Uzzell doesn’t know about that either but Mansion reminds him that he was never charged…could that two year old violation possibly be part of the reason he is telling The People’s truth?

Mansion asks about being the business partner of Swag to which Uzzell clarifies, “he wasn’t a partner he just invested in his pot business. My money was in his marijuana selling business.” Mansion, with the timing of Jackie Gleason says, “oh, like mutual funds?” The jury was slapping their knees over that one….I think even Louis Chaney smiled. “Why…why, Mr. Uzzell did you rent him so many cars, how many did you rent him?” Mansion questions. “A bunch, twenty five at least,” Uzzell replies. “Didn’t he like to drive his own car? Was he embarrassed? Or was he changing cars to evade law enforcement” Mansion asks. To which Gino says, “he was just an ordinary guy….he wasn’t just a drug dealer…I tried to help him out,” Gino explained. “Well, why didn’t you loan him your car?” Gino, explains, “I only had access to one car at that time.” Hmmm.

Mansion goes on, “why do you have two phones, Mr. Uzzell?” You know, one for regular and one for business,” Uzzell explains. Mansion, tweaks his comic genius “ya mean like one for ‘honey, go pick up a gallon of mild, and one for ‘honey, go pick up a pound of pot?” Objection, your honor. We are hitting 4:30 when Mr. Calderon promises only ten minutes and then tries to use this witness (not the Hertz Rental guy who has already been on the stand) to enter pictures of red jeeps….not the red jeep used in this crime. Gino verifies the jeep as red and a jeep….Calderon moves to enter the pictures of the nondescript, no licensed jeep into evidence but not before Trexler bounces to her feet…”voir dire!”


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