Learn The Truth about Credit Counselors

The primary source of income for credit counselors comes from your settlement. They are not necessarily negotiating in your best interest. The more you agree to pay the more the credit counselor earns. Credit counselors cannot stop judgments or wage garnishment. You are continuing to accrue late charges and other fees even though you settled on the debt. These late payments are reported to the Credit Bureaus. Think about why you wanted to avoid bankruptcy. You probably thought it would be better on your credit if you settled with a credit counselor. Not all your creditors will be willing to settle on their debt. You will receive 1099s’ from all creditors you settled with. You will have to pay additional taxes to the IRS on the amounts you saved. This is not the case in a bankruptcy. Some credit counselors will try and convince you to take money from your pension to pay credit card debt. Why would the counselor ask you to do this? The answer is simple. Their loyalty is to the creditors not to you. Read More

Foreclosure Protection

If you find yourself facing a possible foreclosure due to delinquency on your mortgage or tax payments a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is a very viable option. Restructure your debt . . . Read More

Bankruptcy Lawyers Albany New York

Michael P. Mansion and Jodi L. Mansion The Mansion Law Firm offers experienced attorneys that will review your situation and determine whether a chapter 7 or chapter 13 is right for you. You will always speak directly to a lawyer and you will never be at risk for losing your home or vehicle.

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The Lawyers

Learn More About Michael P. Mansion and Jodi L. Mansion: Attorney Michael P. Mansion Specializes in Personal Bankruptcy, Real Estate, Criminal Defense, and DWI Defense. Attorney Jodi L. Mansion specializes in Personal Bankruptcy The Mansion Law firm is a debt relief agency, helping people file for relief under the bankruptcy code.

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Bankruptcy Help

Client Testimonial: I am 80 years young and living the good life thanks to a lawyer with a heart. Because of a sick wife and loss of pension money I had a great amount of debt. I had almost given up hope.

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